Man is made in the image of God; a Christian is a ‘Son of God’ in status but not in character. To be Christian is to be human. I intend to elaborate on this idea of Christian living, in principle and in practice, for my sanctification and that of others. That is, this blog is mostly for me to digest what I’m learning, but I’m doing this in the presence of others in order to avoid doing so sloppily. I hope to engage with others who are interested: speaking here has no point for a (sane) man if there is no one to hear him.

Things mainly principle based will be released weekly on the Lord’s day (Sunday) at Civil Dawn wherever I am; life’s antics as they come on other days.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. You sent me down a rabbit hole I never knew existed before today with your comment on another blog about Bible design, Clarions, and something even better for $30. I must know, what is this Bible you’ve just discovered???

  2. Hi James, it’s the ESV Reader’s edition in the cloth-bound. A review can be found on Bible Design and Binding. Would you be interested in reading a review on this site? I’ve been thinking about expanding the scope of this blog for a while. I’ve sent you an e-mail too if you wanted to video call to ‘see it in person’/more details about the features.

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