I think I will keep the contents of the about page the same but at the same time, put an update it and clarify here. I think in a way this blog has always been about being Christian. In the past, I think that was limited to talking about the Bible and theology and while I still talk about that, (in fact, I may find that I will end up talking more about it), I think I will start talking about other things in my life and why I think they are important not just for it’s own sake but as a put together life as I’m finding myself sometimes at a loss to explain things to people even immediately in front of me and wish for something to point people to, it makes sense that it’s probably worth saying to an audience as things are likely not clear there either. On the other hand, I don’t think it will turn into a lifestyle design or a reviews or a soap box though it will always have elements of that.

I guess this is a long way of saying that this blog has always been about being Christian and that will not change, my understanding of what it means to be Christian and live an examined life that holds up to my (limited) scrunity is worth writing about to the edification of others because I see nothing else like it around though there isn’t a shortage of blogs. Stay tuned.