If you’re a Christian, quick, what’s the Apostle’s Creed?

This brief creed, shorter than most pop songs, is the ancient creed held by all Christians, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant. Yet I’m willing to be that nearly all protestants that I know will need to look it up to know what it says. How can you claim to hold to Catholic and Apostolic (language of an important Nicene Creed) from centuries past and to come if you know not what it says?

Finally, memorization allows for constant meditation in obedience to Psalm 1. meditation forms you and you can only meditate on what you have memorized. And you have only memorized what you do constantly. Take a good look at what you sing all the time, what you listen to all the time, what you read all the time, who you talk to all the time, who you hang out with all the time. This forms the person you will become; do you like what you see? Does this line up with your stated goals, priorities or desires?

You only have today in your hands to change, only this hour. Tomorrow is not promised to you. Shalom be with you.