For the first twenty-five years of my life, I wanted freedom. For the next twenty-five years, I wanted order. For the next twenty-five years, I realized that order is freedom.

Winston Churchill

What is done all the time is more influential than large gestures done infrequently. Everyone gravitates to some set of actions or some set of rules governing actions that happens all the time. Enter a room, flip a light switch. Don’t believe me? Cut out the fusebox or lose power for a night and see what happens. This has happened to me before.

Patterns are everywhere and they in fact give life, they enable creativity, not stifle it. Imagine if you had to think about breathing or ponder if you really meant to take a breath or if you did so ‘for the right reasons’. You wouldn’t be able to do a single other thing. Or imagine if the sun rose whenever it wanted to. The state of being tired would become chaotic or meaningless and in fact, we classify someone who isn’t tired when he ought to be and tired when he ought to be to have a sleeping disorder. Day is day and night is night, this is essential to plant growth and for our rest. Clean is clean and dirty is dirty, work is work and sabbath is sabbath. These things give life and not just survival but life in abundance. So ends my argument for liturgical worship: everyone has patterns, patterns mold so be transparent and intentional about it. It, in fact, lets you be creative and ‘authentic’ as it teaches the affections when they are stubborn.

So if patterns become who you are, you have a say in the person you become by being conscious about the habits and patterns you nurture. This is important not only in your bodily health but your spiritual health.

This principle also has application in the question of entertainment. I’ll say that without proof for now and defend that point later.