I made up a theory while talking to D. (I’m at my smartest interacting with people) about how comfortable one feels about sharing their imperfections with another.

My theory is that everyone has a ‘sinner number’ (see below) and they feel ok being themselves around people they think have sinner numbers equal to or greater and not around people they think have sinner numbers lower than. Since no one really knows someone¬†else’s sinner number without being told, everyone plays this guessing game and postures towards some middle number. I think that a lack of information about ourselves and others contributes to this atmosphere of faking amongst the people that are supposed to be the most honest about themselves.

The sad thing is that many of us come to Christ because we are sinners, and then spend the rest of our lives trying to prove that we are not!

Credit: Henry Cloud, Changes that Heal

So this is my little experiment. Humor me. My hope is to infuse our conversations with a little more honesty.