God is not our first priority.

No, really, he’s not. If ‘God’ can be put as a numbered item or even items on the list, that means there are other things that aren’t of ‘God’. And that’s simply not true, God made everything and all that therein is. Therefore, God is not ‘#1’ but he is indeed the entire list. There is not ‘our spiritual lives’ and ‘the rest of our lives’ any more than one can separate faith and works. In fact, the idea of some things being spiritual and other things being secular is more Gnostic heresy in origin than it is Christian.

This means that one’s very vocation, as well as other parts of your life that seem too small to matter, is part of their Christian duty. It is a good thing for there to be Christian lawyers: who else to help the church determine the finer points of how to be good christian citizens regarding say copyright law? We the church are not just the clergy nor are they supposed to do everything. C.S. Lewis has more to say about this in Mere Christianity, the chapter titled ‘Social Morality’.

There, I said it: we the church need Christian lawyers. Let the flaming begin.

For a different treatment of the same thesis—and, admittedly, where this idea first came to me—see Lue-Yee Tsang’s article ‘First Priority?’ in To An Unknown God, reposted on their website.