I have often heard—and I used to say—“I’m not perfect, I’m only human.” There is something to be said about using our very nature as an excuse, a reason for failure. It seems to border on self-hatred.

While it is true that our human persons, with one exception, are hopelessly mixed up in corruption—that is, sin—human nature and sinfulness remain philosophically distinct.

When YHWH made the heavens, the earth and all therein, he made humans without sin and they were complete. So, in order for us to be human, sin is not necessary.

And only one of these will remain after the resurrection.

Edit: For future posting, there is a part of being human that involves being limited, that involves not being God. And God in fact wants us to be human, he never asked us to be God or omniscient or omnipotent. Being limited is in fact the right posture for us to be in. Sometimes things happen for reasons of being limited and feeling bad something God wants us to be needs sorting out. I will attempt to address that stuck point in a later posting.

Until next time, ZoeBios