I spoke with an old friend whom I hadn’t spoken with in a while. In the meanwhile, she went through some life changes that I was savvy to through someone mentioning her Facebook status but had never told been directly told about. She acted as if I knew, which I happened to this time, but it was very strange. I played along but couldn’t shake the oddness.

I have a theory now about why it’s strange.

Imagine a world before the internet: you know things through people telling you, vehicles being word of mouth or telephone, or books: direct communication or media.

In the world of the internet, social media or even blogs to an extent are people writing books on a short publication turnaround but about their personal lives. It’s like I’m getting information about people as if they were people but by methods that make them like books. If I get the majority of my new information about people from ‘social media’, It’s almost like people have been turned into books and I’m just studying them.

This chills my lonely heart.