I’ve been away for 4 years, writing in a very different style elsewhere. In the rest of my life, I have had a chance to at least form a working understanding about many things.

Man is made in the image of God; a Christian is a ‘Son of God’ in status but not in character. As I begin writing here again, I intend to elaborate on my life’s integration in Christ for my sanctification and that of others. That is, this blog is mostly for me to digest what I’m being taught, but I’m doing this in the presence of others in order to avoid doing so sloppily. Incidentally, I hope to engage with others who are interested. I know that I am flesh and blood because when I throw a pebble into water, ripples emanate outward; if there were no sound, I would fear that I were a ghost, trapped in silence.

Against YHWH, against one who can rend the soul, there is no defense, except to cleave to his side, to be found in his only Son.