Would you be a “Superhero”?

Here is—for the purposes of this question—the definition

  1. You cannot use your ability for your own gain (“No Self-gain)
  2. Nobody can know that you did any of your deeds while you are a superhero (“No Glory”)
  3. You can’t use your abilities dishonestly, dishonorable, etc. (“No Supervillian”)

Really, it boils down to a question of spending your own time and energy for no tangible return nor benefit to you for being able to do good.

It took me a while to get an honest answer out of myself for this one. I like the idea of doing good but I wonder if my knowledge of being rewarded in heaven (and thus eventually) is still the main motivation for me to do good. Or the “feel good” feeling afterwards. Am I doing good for it’s own sake truly? Is that a desirable outcome?

Would you be a “Superhero”?