Some perspective:

5.9 million Jews were killed over a period of conservatively 6 years in the Holocaust (Wikipedia: this comes out to a million Jews a year. But 1.2 million babies are aborted annually in the US alone.

Read: we kill more infants per year than Hitler killed Jews per year in the Holocaust. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

We’ll probably go even higher as the Freedom of Choice Act opens up venues and methods of abortion that were previously considered too sick to do.

Note: this blog is NOT meant to be political in nature. But this issue is an important because it is a serious moral issue.

What We Should be Concerned About

Obama, with the Freedom of Choice Act that he has promised to push for, will overturn everything. This includes the (legal) definition of a human (you can see where the logic of this falls apart) as a fetus that has left the womb. With that Act passed, the doctors can still perform another attempt to take the infant’s life should the infant happen to make it out of a womb — which is euphemistically termed “a failed abortion.”  Attempted murder, maybe?

If all that a human was, was a mass of tissue that was ejected out of a womb and happened to get along on its own, then we are getting into some dangerous waters of our definition of “human.” That means we can make anything into a human. And nothing human. Suppose we could make a tumor live outside the body. Then it would be a “human.” That’s pretty messed up

To Address Some Common Objections

Disclaimer: This is not to say that there other things don’t need to be talked about. As Christians, we need to rethink the way we go about relationships, the way that we view sex, the way we view marriage: the way we view responsibility.

Also, don’t talk about the fringe cases as an argument for making abortion legal at the extent to which the law now allows it. Perhaps in the very strictest cases. But then we open the door to the definition of strict. And people have then the wrong attitude about the law. They see it as a kind of a bar to jump over. How little effort can I expend and still get by? Can I get it be convenient?

Finally, there’s also the idea that we don’t make laws for the exceptions: we just make exceptions in laws. We have forgotten this in a sensationalist, bleeding heart generation. Divorce started off for abusive couples; now we use it when our spouse stops being sexually exciting.

Aristotle once said, democracy dies when people realize that people can vote themselves benefits. We’re well on our way.