It’s cliche, it’s everywhere. But should we as Christians do it? Luck, if it even exists, plays a negligible role when put next to God. Shouldn’t we say something like “Godspeed” (what I do), or at least a neutral but more precise “I wish you well.”

Actually, Godspeed was used to wish someone a safe and successful journey. It’s also where the word “goodbye” came from.

So the next time your ignorant, fight-picking Atheist friend calls you out on “godspeed” because it has the word “god” in it, you can tell them they’ve been saying it all their lives with the word “goodbye”

I’ve never added a poll before and so I will now. I am a bit excited to see how this turns out.

On a different note, I wish everyone Godspeed on their exams (pun intended).

Do your best and leave God the rest.