Living water.

I chuckle to myself standing over the kitchen sick with another cup of water, struck by the words of a song by Avalon:

You’re everything to me
More than a story, More than words on a page
Of History
You’re the air the I breathe
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath our feet
You’re everything
To me

I’m bemused about how often I have to drink water in order to be fully hydrated. (about two mouthfuls every 15 minutes). I’ve lately found that drinking it all at once is nowhere near as helpful as doing it in frequent small gulps. How much more is God’s presence needed like water, like air even.

I have written before about God being our daily bread, about how we need fresh bread grace and providence from Him. But how when Jesus says that He is the living water, that we need to drink from Him, the living water?

Wow, the glory of God is truly in all things. What a powerful illustration to remind us how much, often we need Him.