There is no such thing as a “stronger Christian.” I don’t mean that there aren’t more mature Christians: I mean that there is nothing inherent in a person that makes him a “strong” or a “weak” Christian.

A mature Christian is one who saturates himself with scripture, meditates on it, and grasps hold of God and knows Him intimately. It is only by drawing on a deeper portion of God and His strength that we are able to be a “strong” Christian by expressing Him and His glory. Mark Driscoll gives a good example when talking about being a godly man (but women can learn from this illustration as well):

You need to memorize these words, “A man … is the image and glory of God.” The next time you are out hunting or camping and sitting around a fire, take a long stick and put one end of it in the fire. When that end gets hot and glowing red from glorying in the fire until its heat and light are transferred to it, take it out and look at it. Remind yourself that when the Bible says you are the glory of God, it means that you are like that stick and supposed to draw near to the pure and powerful God who is your Father and radiate his heat and light to the world.

Even Paul considered any of his human accomplishments to be rubbish and loss when he considered Christ. How much more should we?