I come from a church that doesn’t sing during offering or communion.

Offering is a time in which I take inventory of everything* that I have and can do, recognize that it all comes from God, and once again place it at His feet for His use. It’s hard to be deliberate and specific when people are humming or singing another song next to me.

Communion is a time of even greater seriousness, of solemn reflection and confessing of sins before God and reflecting on the great terrible price of our sins and how wretched we are contrasted with the wondrous, ponderous grace that was given to us to save us. I love it. But how I miss it when people are singing!

Really now.

If we sing during singspiration, what makes offering time any different other than the bag being passed around? What about during communion? If surrendering to God is something so important, why do we deny people the chance to do so at least once a week by filling the air with noise and driving out the inner quietness and introspection with needless song?

Save the singing for singspiration.

*I cannot emphasize this enough. Everything. Time and energy are often overlooked as well.