Tim Keller has some wise things to say for all of us: How to spread and present the gospel in a loving but non-compromising way:

Have you found any surprises in terms of how unchurched New Yorkers have been won for Christ? I imagine there is a wide range of different stories…?
TK: I think I’m simply surprised at how many unchurched New Yorkers have found faith in Christ. When I came here I had no idea how fruitful our evangelism would be. What was not surprising was how evangelism happens —

  1. prayer
  2. a mixture of courageous-directness and yet sweet, gracious, humility
  3. a ‘translation’ of the message that on the one hand connects to the culture and on the other hand doesn’t compromise the truth
  4. the word made plausible through deeds of service to the poor and a community of fellowship and love

(Formatted Numbered list added for clarity)

The whole interview is available at Terry Virgo’s blog.

As a fellowship, how can we do better with presenting the gospel to others? An obvious place where we could apply these principles is our Pathfinders small group. Any ideas as to how we can do this?