Should we clap after a good performance of a song in church? Even if it’s really good? Is that even what makes singspiration — read: not “worship” — good?

I hate it. It’s not a concert for other people! Obviously, the you’re missing the point if you focus on performance rather than exulting in the Lord and being in awe at His wonder and majesty.

You’d be foolish to throw away the peace and focus on God that the song took 3–5 minutes to encourage. Seems stupid to drown that the moment the song ends.

Clapping’s a good awkwardness-reducing device, but I find myself less at peace after a round of applause ruins the reverence of a song’s passing. I understand that the audience — unfortunately, I do mean audience — longs to participate at times, but I think this is the wrong way to do it.

If a time of worship turns into a concert — well, I can get that anywhere. As a congregation, we actually should be involved even more than clapping at the end.

So stop the applause. Is silence really that bad? What about a time of quietness and awe before the Lord?