One thing that I was nearly bursting to share when the topic of loving each other simply becuase we’re made brothers and sisters through the one Christ, was how Crossroads has really shown that when I was a freshman not so long ago.

I mean I was asked if I needed a ride to the airport. I didn’t have the chance to ask, they did it for me, anticipating my needs and worries and trying to provide and show me their love in Christ for me in a practical, real, immediate sense. Not only that, on the day, the original person couldn’t do it so another Crossroader was sent in his place. So I’m sitting in the car of a person who’s name I don’t even remember, getting a free ride from a person who I’m certain has better things to do to the airport becuase I’m too scared and bewildered by the flood of (useless) information that you get as a freshman to use public transit.

I mean taking someone out to lunch can be attributed (cynically) as a kind of recruiting, but something a personal as that is hard to deny. Other things come to mind as well such as giving me textbooks for some of my classes. or teaching me (and giving me) a guitar*. I am forever grateful and will pay it forward.

I miss the seniors who graduated last year.

*the guitar was a thing that was passed down as well. see the “pay it forward” article for the gist of the idea.