This past summer my family I and went to Body Works at the LA Science Center. While I don’t remember too many things from it, one things continues to stick in my mind. It was a poster about a girl who had received a heart transplant. She had heart trouble from age 4 or 5 and was barely hanging on by 6. Then suddenly someone somewhere had life support cut off. The little girl received the person’s heart and got a new lease on life.

That got me to thinking: most of the time we lament a vegetative state and the evil of having to pull the plug on them. Well this time I got to read a little girl’s tremendous gratefulness to the unknown person in the midst of the family’s grief for the recently departed. God’s plan is so much bigger than ours. Would I have even considered the little girl?

So even though I don’t get to see every “other side” of every tragedy, we can be sure to trust Him to bring good out of suffering, even when it appears to us to be impossible to .