In our modern world of preservative-laced bread, we’ve lost an appreciation for the illustration that’s referenced in the Lord’s prayer

Give us each day our daily bread.

—Luke 11:3

Ever made bread for yourself from scratch? From the basic ingredients of flour, eggs, salt, butter and water come fresh from the oven a taste that supermarket breads can only claim to provide.

Ever left home-made bread out? Goes bad in a day. Not just stale but moldy.

Aside from the obvious conclusion of how doped up the bread we’re used to eating is, it sheds light to the illustration that Jesus was making: the “daily bread” that God gives us is like the physical (home-made) bread. It goes bad in one day. It needs to be renewed each and everyday. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we need to depend on God each and every day for our daily needs (Gen. 16:16-20). While it may not be as literal or immediate as bread forming on the ground (Gen. 16:13,14), that just means that we are free from the literal command but also held to the higher standard—whom we truly depend on in our hearts. In fact, before you go wishing that you could get the “easier” job of simply gathering a day’s worth of manna everyday, think again. If the Israelites failed, what makes you think you’ll do a better job?

Like the Israelites, we often have this attitude of God being a service station. God shows up and we’re good until the next oil change. God’s not an oil-change-tuneup god, He’s your daily bread.