As Christians, we’re referred to as “the salt of the earth.” We’ve heard all the illustrations, all of the pop-subculture cliches like “salt makes people thirsty, go and make people thirsty for Jesus.”

We’ve also heard that we’re to be out in the world to preserve it, to be among non-Christians, that salt in a salt shaker is useless and should be among other non-salt sorts of things like flour and eggs. That’s a pretty neutral expression, though. How about this:

Ever eaten a salt packet? It’s pretty disgusting. Makes you want to gag. How about that for a more forceful push to get out there and care about the lost?

We as salt are nauseous — that is, barf-inducing — if we stay bunched together. We as Christians aren’t doing one of our biggest jobs when we do nothing for the lost. What could be more shameful than a wasted life — yours and the lost?