[Disclaimer: “do hard things” is not my own phrase but the title of the book Do Hard Things, but I like the authors’ stance of opposing complacency and mediocrity.]

In a previous post I discussed Christianity’s inclusiveness as it applies to ourselves. This one is about how it applies to others, namely “witnessing.”

In our witnessing, we tend these days to have the attitude of salesmen. Salesmen swing a pitch to get you to take their product home. And that’s where the interaction ends: no follow-up, and no warranty. At least, they’re not the ones that deal with it.

We tend to do the same things. We tend to treat evangelism the same way as flyering: “Here, take this and read it. You accepted Jesus? Um… here are some churches too” — of which your own is invariably the first on the list.

It’s so much more than that. Don’t cheapen the gospel or the changed life that needs to be nurtured and the new reality that the jarring truth requires.