Unofficial Part II to “Why We Suffer”:

In an effort to be more cross-centered, I’ve uncovered a cross-centered biblical precedent to my own catchy phrase (title), born out of a time of anguish, and a grim pressing onwards.

In an extension of my previous post about the greatest injustice — injustice in judiciary systems, injustice in man, etc. — I did not have this in mind: have you ever considered how hard it must have been for Jesus to do nothing, to stay on the cross while those below had no idea; while they jeered him, mocked Him for His “inability” to come down and save Himself?

Oh, the bitter irony that it was not Himself that He wanted to save, but those mocking Him! And to do that He had to stay on cross: to do nothing and just suffer.

Not fair? Of course it wasn’t. But it had to be done.

In the same way, things beyond our understanding, sometimes we simply have to suffer to save others, to grow, to remind us of our dependence on the Almighty. Look to the cross: “Fix [your] eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).

Hope this has been a blessing to you.