Author’s note: All the links, save the one about the “ugliness of our sin,” are Bible references. I encourage those who want to look further to check them out. I made an effort to keep them as short as possible while keeping it in context.

We wear crosses, we wear those WWJD bracelets, yet I’d say that most of us don’t have the cross in mind. What do I mean by that?

We often forget in our daily scramble as our spirits, like an ADD child, fluttering from one thing to the next. We forget the greatest sacrifice and act of love that was made for us. We gripe about our small inconveniences and infractions made against us.

We forget. We wear a cross with “a little man on it,” forgetting that it should have been us on it. We wear a gold/silver pretty one*, forgetting the ugliness of the real one, ugliness necessitated by the ugliness of our sin for which it atoned. We whine about our little squabble forgetting that we were just pardoned the greatest debt of all and should do the same. We complain about not being loved when we were shown the greatest love even before we knew of the lover.

We drain the power of the cross when we forget all that it means, all its raw imagery. The suffering and love and silence in the wounds that were made. We need to daily look to the cross lest we drain it of its power and start believing that we can carry the cross of our life on our own.

When we remember those things, everything else matters little and falls into place. We gain a small glimpse of the eternal perspective.

*My personal gripe: it’s why the cross I wear is made of pewter nails, now rusting, that I have made no effort to beautify. Perhaps more (separate post) on that later.

What I learned

Christ died suffering the greatest injustice. My injustice. So He could save, and not only that, but also to understand what I’m going through. No greater love than this; no greater promise of things to come tomorrow nor any greater power to live by today.