This is Part 1 of a series of posts on trials and suffering (Initial Post, Part 2)

We suffer because we need to be reminded that we need God: we need Him to give us discernment, to satisfaction our real needs, to show us how to live life as He originally designed.

Sometimes I wonder if sometimes we suffer because we need to be reminded or taught something, as opposed to this suffering being only a natural consequence of our sin. That is, there are other reasons for suffering, and when we, for example, realize and remember how much we need God, we’ll both suffer less and encounter fewer trials.

Like Solomon, we’re asked by God what we want from Him, how or if we need Him.

Do we ask God to come in and be the manager, asking for His wisdom, or do we settle for a simple housewarming gift? A little wealth, a little health. “Thanks, God; I’m doing fundamentally ok: could you just send me a check for that new BMW, that new flat-screen, etc. that I’ve been hankering for?”