Eastern medicine doesn’t fit into Western medicine. It is an entirely different way of thinking and a different system. Just as translation between different languages can never be truly complete in nuance, length, literary devices and both literary and figurative richness, different languages just work differently. Eastern medicine cannot be proved or disproved by western medicine as if one were better than or worse than the other.

To say otherwise implies a gross misunderstanding of epistemology and what the ways of knowing are for each.

Eastern medicine depends on feedback from the patient and experience. Western medicine depends on cold dissection. Look up the history of western medicine. It started with dead people and curious people (rebellious for their time) wanting to cut them open to see how they worked. Eastern medicine centers on “chi,” or the flow and state of our living energies. Well. let’s see if Western Medicine can “prove this.” Get a dead body… oh, wait, catch-22. Does that mean that Eastern medicine is bunk? Ask those who Western medicine has left for dead and found healing in Eastern. Ask how doctors how the body really heals itself or if any effort has been made to facilitate that. Eastern medicine is not inferior but incompatible. To be inferior is to be a lesser apple compared to a different apple, not to be an orange compared to an apple. East is not a subset of the west, nor is it vice-versa.