While I was reading something, my sister asked my an out-of-the-blue question about Paris Hilton. Pulling myself from my mental retreat, I answered and returned and thought little of it afterwards. Later, when I went to turn off her computer after she had gone off to bed, I saw the source of her question, a cheap tabloid-style news blurb about Paris Hilton that read,

Paris Hilton donates to LA’s Children’s Hospital

[First Line] Paris Hilton is making good on her promise to become a better person.

How sad. Since when did public figures equate morality and goodness to the use of their money. Yes, where you spend your money is a good indicator of your priorities (credit: Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life), but when you have as much money as Paris Hilton, donating a “generous donation,” it hardly matters.

Why? I doubt she’s giving sacrificially. Maybe she will be able to buy 2 new cars a week instead of 5. The horror.

Again, since when did becoming a better person shift from a change in heart, priorities and attitudes to giving money? Giving money is compartmentalized. The buck stops here, but so does the change. As Christians, when we stop at just giving money, we put God in a box. We say to God, “I’m giving you money: I’ve done my duty, and I want you to leave me alone otherwise to get on my own life.”