Personally, a thing I’ve done in the past is, in order to show my respect for the Bible, to

  1. Never put it directly on the ground
  2. Never put anything on top of the Bible (exception: another Bible)

Now, I bend the rules at times when it is not practical or when it would cause a fellow brother to stumble (Biblical precedence is eating of meat in Romans 14).

In fact, these things that I do I realize now are a stumbling block to myself. I rest easy because I’ve felt like I’ve done my “honoring duties.” While it’s not bad to have the freedom to go above and beyond, there is a danger in the prideful expectation that others match your zeal and amount and form. It is a danger to replace my real respect for the Bible with these two simple rules.

Do I really respect the Bible that is the Word of God? Do I read the word with a heart seeking to know God’s Will? Do I obey the things that I know that He has commanded me to do?

Can I supplement this with real respect? Of course. Respect first, then supplements next; not the other way around. Heart is of first importance, not actions, but without both, they’re not real. James says faith without works is dead. And works without faith is will worship.