I’ve heard it said that another way for Christians to view the offering plate when it is passed by is Jesus standing there with nail-pierced hands held out.

As a college student without a job, I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable when offering comes. I understand that I can give God something other than money. I can give him my time, my energy, my motivation. I can make Him the heartbeat by which I live my life.

However, I’m writing this

  1. Because I had a thought recently for those who do have money
  2. Because I want to save this thought for myself in the future so I don’t fall into this trap when I have a job

Let me stress this: Don’t feel that just because you have given money you’re “done.”

Don’t stop at just money. God deserves (and demands) more than just your money. He wants your life, your passions. He desires to be Lord of your life.

Next time, don’t let the offering plate pass you by. Don’t stop at money. Christ gave His life for you.

What say you?