[Author’s note: I don’t usually write about things of this nature on my blog. But this really got me riled up about a long term pet peeve.]

The failure of democracy is that the sole measure of a good job is the pay, which is an incidental benefit rather than an intrinsic one.

Therefore the failures of the previous generation teach the next in an ever-downward spiral.

Our people do not value teaching. We are a society that values instant results, instant feedback, instant satisfaction, instant gratification, instant indulgence, and short-term planning. We also think that we can afford to cut our education and research funding (another example among thousands) in favor of other BS things for being politically correct or some other petty reason.

Is it any wonder that we have to lower and reduce our standards to the point that our children can’t add or write — yes, even into college?

Update (05.1-08 )

I find postmodern math to be amazing. Saying that 6*7 cannot be 41 is bigotted… I don’t want you to balance my checkbook, Enron executive in the making. If you scroll to the section titled “a concerned mother” you’ll find another reference to pitiful adding and multiplication abilites.