So the calling here that I’m going to talk about it going to be more of the long, general calling. It’s something that was on my heart this Sunday during offering time. As the bag was being passed around, I got (my) usual images, such as the bag being Christ holding out his nail pierced hands asking what we would give to him in gratitude of his sacrifice. “In payment” has the wrong connotation of us being able to compensate for his grace, to give a gift to match the one he gave us.

So to talk now about what calling during offering. I had recently stumbled with some sin that I’ve been coming to terms with. My time spent in prayer during offering was no exception. I poured out my confession of inadequacy and how I was so unworthy… It was then that I felt a call. How many people had sat in the pews of a church before me, far “dirtier” by worldly standards. But still they were accepted into the house of God, the church and ultimately into the throne room of the Holy One himself.

No, it’s not to say that we should stop in our pursuit of holiness through God, who works in us as we work out our salvation, but instead that we are still accepted as we are into the throne room. We are all called to meet with God just as we are, for us to be changed forever. Will you, will I, heed his call for us to come as we are, imperfections and all, for us to be cleansed? God’s acceptance of us was proven and done on the cross, not on our knees as we try to measure up. We can do nothing to add or subtract from it.

Let us never forget.