But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ

-Philippians 3:20

So, because this ABC passage was chosen in such close proximity to the Bible Study about the passage from which it came, just to recap on what was said in Bible Study regarding “Citizenship”

Citizenship: Our Place in Heaven

  • Citizenship in the context of when Paul evoked that imagery was different
    • Citizenship was rare, something to be envied, Being a Citizen meant…
      • you had the full protection of the law
      • you had all the rights
    • Just because you lived in a country, did not make you a citizen
  • Becoming a citizen was not easy
    • Either had to “pay out of the nose” to quote Durandal7777777
    • or be born into it

Sound Familiar?

Born again? Full rights? Protection? (Impossibly) High price?

So now that we’ve established our role in heaven, How shall we apply this to what our Behavior on earth?

Citizenship: Our Role on Earth

In response to that, let me tell you about something that I’ve been told and am still learning to do: “Be an ambassador.” The imagery invokes that of being from a different place living in another. Adopting some tendencies of the foreign culture while keeping your identity (and loyalties) to your country of origins. It’s not a black and white call and this requires discernment. And this discernment should come from God not of ourselves.


What do you feel are guiding principles as to “living in this world by not being of this world?”