This is a post worth reading about the exclusivity of the Gospel. “You cannot serve two masters.” You cannot claim to believe what the gospel says (which includes its exclusivity) and also say that there are other ways to God, or being good, etc.


I do not want to come off as arrogant, but the author did not define what the text actually meant by the “jealousy” of God. See my comment about the article below for that.


Again, here’s the link.

By Him alone are we Justified, being Sanctified, and will be Glorified.


Update (04.02.08 )

This blog post has original footage from which Oprah says those heretical teachings. She actually goes many steps further. Wretched but we need to be aware of these things.

Update (04.15.08 )

For those who are willing to dig further, Tim Keller, who spoke at UC Berkeley recently, has put up a very good site where he addresses the exclusivity of the Gospel and other questions such as Hell here.

His recent talk at UC Berkeley can be watched here.