So I was thinking after the Good Friday service today and was a put aback by the complete change in atmosphere after the solemn service. I expressed my concern and got a response more or less about looking forward to the festivity on Easter Sunday.

I have to say, though, that I think that Good Friday is just as important as Easter Sunday. Good Friday is good for meditating on God’s amazing love and how he went through all that suffering (that in itself is subject for another post) for us and for our sins. This has a two-fold illustration:

  1. The severity of sin, that Christ needed to go through such suffering in order to atone (pay for) sin
  2. God’s love for us: that He would go through all that for the sole purpose of saving us, that if only one soul would be the result of Christ’s suffering that He would still be willing to go to the cross for one person

Easter Sunday’s implication are rather obvious: Jesus’ victory over sin, celebration of new life that we have, etc. This is what we mostly focus on.

Is this sounding familiar? What about God’s Justice and Love? People usually emphasize just one or the other and honestly? Both those approaches are wrong. God is Just and punishes sin. At the same time He is Love and forgives all. He is not just one or the other, nor is one more important than the other.

In the same way, I think that Good Friday has been understated in its importance. Good Friday is about Christ’s sacrifice to free us from sin. It shows His love for mankind in his suffering, suffering for all and for each. Maybe it’s time to put Good Friday next to Easter Sunday in its place on center stage.


Update (03.31.08 )

ehsdrunklord on the seizetheword wordpress site has written a very insightful, elegant post that is along the lines of what I am trying to say here