One thing I have asked from the Lord,
that I shall seek:
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to behold the beauty of the Lord
and to meditate in His temple.

—Psalm 27:4

Aside from the obvious (at least to me) source passage for the song “Better is One Day,” I’d like to share a bit about “Dwelling in the House of the Lord.”

For a while I used to just think it to be simply a figure of speech. Some sort of jargon or something — I wasn’t sure. Later I learned that it means simply to be in the presence of the Lord, to be aware of his presence, to have Him on your mind.

I admit that this is something that I am working on. I find that things that help are

  1. surrounding myself with Godly influences
    • edifying media
    • peers that share my values
  2. praying often
    • on my own
    • having others remind me

Among other things that are a bit more practical is — for me — to keep a music player with me so I can listen to either 1) worship songs or 2) sermons (when I have longer periods of free time).

What are some ways that you make time for God and remind yourself of His presence? What are some things you would like to start doing to make yourself more aware of His continual presence? Remember, faith is not just a feeling: it dwells in matters of the mind and will as well.