So I was thinking about the sermon on Sunday which was about what the early church looked like in Acts. In a nutshell it involved teaching and also having the attitude of awe and worship. PK said something that was very intersting-something along the lines of this:

Many times  we simply have head knowledge, we worship God with our mind,  and we forget to have also an emotional response”

-PK (paraphrased)

That got me thinking about the verse about the greatest commandment (first part)

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

-Matthew 22:37 (emphasis added)

Clarification for those who like to be more precise. Others, skip

Yes for those who snoop there are other parts where is says strength as well. i think that simply is there to emphasize that God deserves our all and is there to augment the other aspects of loveing God. Also, loving your neighbors is in a way a subset of loving God.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another

-John 13:34, 35


So we see here that we have 3 different aspects of  loving God, heart, mind, soul. initially, I simply thought it was just to love God with everything you have. that’s still true but I’m simply posting as I think now I can be a bit more precise in my understanding of this and I’d like to share this with you (whoever is reading this).


mind, as implied by PK,  is what we tend to already have: God is great, yeah yeah i know. God is holy, he saved us, etc. these are truths that we arrive by reason and things that we are told in Sunday school, etc. There aren’t necessarily bad, in fact, our love needs to abound in knowledge and discernment (Phillip 1:9-12) in order for us to have an accurate understanding of God that we worship. Having the wrong of idea of God is the same as idolitry. more on that in another post. The point is that we need more than simply knowing about God.

Moving into Heart:

 This is what PK was talking about. This is what the early church in Jerusalem had, they had a attitude of awe and worship, experiencing his prescence everyday and having an attitude of being in awe of God. We tend to see less of this now, it’s commonly thought of in the context of singspiration, singing songs on sunday morning. I think that we (myself espeically) woefully underexperience and know God when we limit our emotions for Him to simply sunday or simply when we’re singing songs to him. 


 I think this is the highest form of love not that it’s the most important but in that it’s the most abstract. I think that what is meant is more like the verse following our memory verse Phillip 1:21, “for to die is to be with Christ,” in that our priorites and values, and purposes have been changed by his prescence. In other words, we love God when we make Him our purpose, our treasure and our priority.

May the name of the Lord be Glorified